Lead Designer of Mustang News, Jordan Dunn, takes us through a typical night fine tuning the newspaper one hour before it goes to the print. Dunn is the paper's design guru; responsible for everything ranging from the front page headline to the smallest placement of text.

The Board Breakdown - Agriculture communications senior and Mustang News lead designer Jordan Dunn, starts off his night in the newsroom by finalizing content for the pages of tomorrow’s Mustang News issue. Dunn is in charge of creating and overseeing the visual content that goes into the campus newspaper. Cluttered Desk - Dunn sits at the edge of his chair making one last color correction on a photograph and double checking the alignments of his originally produced graphics. His chaotic workspace filled with bottles, burrito wrappers, and sketched doodles  illustrate how much preparation and time Dunn spent fine tuning this issue of Mustang News. Comic Relief - After a humorous claim was made by one of Dunn’s co-workers during the final edits, he laughs to himself while preparing a sticky note for the wall of quotes located in the newsroom. This cluttered wall, filled with hundreds of sticky notes is a homage to the fun that still exists among the stress and hard work. Photography Guru - Dunn reviews journalism junior, Georgie De Mattos’s photographs that will be going to print for tomorrow’s issue. “He is so incredibly patient and always willing to take the time and effort to do the small things for Mustang News,” De Mattos said. “He is someone I can look up to in the newsroom.” Only Human - As Dunn reviews the mistakes from the newspaper’s most recent issue he 
takes notes to perpetuate his learning. “Things are constantly changing with technology and style so I always want to keep learning from my mistakes. I have to in order to better the newspaper as a whole and myself as an aspiring designer,” Dunn said. It’s all in the Hands - The conceptual thinking of a lead designer must be executed in a timely yet innovative way. Dunn’s mastery of keyboard shortcuts and years of adobe product practice have allowed him to create captivating visuals in a short amount of time. The aesthetic fate of  Mustang News literally and figuratively rests in the two hands of Dunn as he presses the “drop” button to go to print. Tired Eyes - Staring at a computer screen has taken a toll on Dunn as he rubs his eyes with exhaustion. There is a sense relief as he adjusts his glasses knowing the newspaper designs are finally in production at the press. Journalism senior Alexa Bruington, one of Dunn’s best friends comments on his work ethic. “He does so much between Mustang News and school I’m shocked we still have time to hang out,” she said. Inked - The lights of the printing press illuminate the windows on this warm Wednesday night. The papers freshly inked, stacked and ready for distribution, will be available for the eyes of nearly 20,000 students in the morning to come.


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